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COVID-19 Prevention and Sanitization Process

COVID-19 Prevention

SUNDAY, April 5, 2020

Why Household Disinfection Is Important These Days

he times we are living in right now are certainly unusual - not only do we have to contend with spending endless hours indoors but we have also become the recipients of daily grim news courtesy of the COVID-19 outbreak. To keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, we are constantly reminded of the importance of frequent hand-washing and the observance of greater personal hygiene.

While there's still a lot that is unknown about COVID-19, the importance of home sanitizing to rid our homes of harmful viruses has been alluded to repeatedly. Even if you might have observed home cleaning religiously before the advent of the Coronavirus, the current pandemic calls for effective disinfection services. While cleaning helps in the removal of germs and other harmful bacteria, the cleaning solution you use might not have the ability to kill the germs and this is where the use of an appropriate disinfectant becomes necessary. Before you use any product then, it is important to confirm that it is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and that it has the capacity to both clean and disinfect.

The Challenges Posed By COVID-19

Do you know why health professionals are constantly reminding us to clean and sanitize our hands frequently? Because they are aware that our hands act as the transmission conduit for the viruses we collect from shaking hands or touching surfaces which have been touched by someone infected with the virus.

Unlike most other viruses, COVID-19 presents special challenges because of its ability to stay on surfaces for extended periods of time. While the influenza virus, for instance, survives on surfaces for a maximum of 48 hours, COVID-19 could survive on a surface for up to 72 hours. To be completely sure that the surfaces in your home are not posing unnecessary risks, it is prudent to consider getting professional disinfecting services.

Important Post-Pandemic Actions

With the ongoing concerted global efforts to curb the spread of Coronavirus, it is widely hoped that in the not-too-distant future the social-distancing and self-isolation that have become the new normal will be things of the past. But as usually happens with most life-disturbing incidents (e.g. fires and storms), the danger is not completely over even when some form of sanity gets restored. With COVID-19 similarly, there are some actions that you'll need to take to make sure that your home is completely free from the virus.

Disinfect and Sanitize Highly Trafficked Areas

As noted above, COVID-19 could survive on a surface for a long period and while an infected member of the family could have recovered, there is still a possibility that traces of the virus are still within the home. In the absence of complete disinfection and sanitization, the virus could be on walls of kitchens and bathrooms, on car steering wheels and on many door handles. If the virus is lodged on a frequently used walkway, human and pet traffic into the home will help track it indoors.

To make sure that all traces of the virus are removed from every surface in your home, getting the services of a pro disinfection company will help restore peace of mind as you'll know that you are not gambling with the lives of your loved ones.

Clean Effectively and Safely

There are plenty of DIY efforts that you can make to sanitize your home yet the best efforts could prove futile when you use the wrong cleaning products or fail to clean effectively. For some disinfectants, you are supposed to let them dwell on a surface for a given period of time for them to be effective. Additionally, there is always the risk of personal injury or damage to property when you handle chemicals.

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