Sewage Backup and How to Handle ItSewage Backup and How to Handle It
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Sewage Backup and How to Handle It

TUESDAY, August 18, 2020

he backing up of sewage waste is undoubtedly one of the most unpleasant scenarios that could occur for any private or corporate property owner. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to predict when such a thing is going to happen, so it is important for you to know what you need to do in case it does happen.

Therefore, in this short read, we will not only give you basic information about sewage backup but also some valuable advice on how to handle it properly in the future.

How Does Sewage Backup Take Place?

Sewage backup mainly occurs when the sewer lines get blocked. When this happens, hardly any wastewater can travel through the pipes, causing it to build up and eventually come back up the pipe that it came from. There are several possible backup causes.

  • Heavy Rainfall - If you have experienced a heavy rainfall in your area recently, it can be the cause. In some cases, if the rain is very severe, it can overwhelm the sewage lines in your city, which can result in sewage backup.
  • Tree Roots - When a tree grows, so do its roots. Sometimes, when the tree roots have grown so much, they can come in contact with your sewer line and damage it.
  • Damaged Sewage Lines - If you live in a pretty remote place, chances are that your sewer lines haven't been upgraded recently. Such outdated systems can break down and crack, which in turn can cause severe sewage damage and backup.
  • Clogs - Sewage backup caused by clogging is one of the most common reasons for water damage. While clogging is mostly coming from bodily hairs, grease, or other solid material that somehow ended up in the drains, another pretty common reason for clogging would be extreme weather. Sometimes, anything from leaves to dust can get into the drain and block it.

How Can A Sewage Backup Damage Your Property?

When your sewer line is blocked, none of the waste that goes through your sink, toilet and drain can be successfully transported to the main sewer line. Thus, when the level of water is too overwhelming for the blocked sewer line, the water will have nowhere to go but come backwards. And, therefore, if the water that comes back is way too much, it is likely to cause water damage to your property, often including the basement.

Besides water damage, the sewer lines can also get severely damaged due to the pressure that they would be put under due to the large volume of water that cannot escape to its original destination.

What Should a Restoration Company Do to Restore a House After Sewage Backup?

Once you hire a restoration company to deal with the damage caused by the sewage backup, they will typically follow a process similar to the one below.

  • First, the professionals will arrive at the property and observe the situation.
  • Then, an action plan will be created for the most effective method of restoring/remediating the problem.
  • If there is any excess water or damaged furniture/technology, it will be removed from the property.
  • Then, the area will be dehumidified and cleaned up accordingly in order to remove any contaminants that could spread diseases within your home.
  • Finally, the property will be ready for restoration which will depend on the severity of the damage that has been caused.

The above is a very brief and simple example. The exact process will depend on the individual characteristics of the problem.

How Can Flood Damage Pro Help You?

If any part of your property has been damaged due to sewage backup, you should never take it light-heartedly as that could cause not only further damage to your property, which will in turn cost you a lot more to fix, but can also have a severe effect on your respiratory system and overall health. Furthermore, if you don't take action soon after the damage is done, mold will start to quickly spread, which brings a whole set of new challenges that you need to take care of.

Instead, in case of water damage or sewage backup, you should call one of our restoration professionals right away at 866-869-4167 so that we can deal with the problem immediately.

With years of hands-on industry experience, our water damage experts can successfully handle any kind of issues caused by sewage backup. We will not only properly manage and remediate the damage caused by the water but also make sure that your home is free from any threatening contaminants, diseases, and mold.

Get in touch by calling 866-869-4167 to find out more about what we can do for your problem.

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