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Top 5 causes of commercial water damage when you just can't go with the flow

MONDAY, June 22, 2020

f for instance, your business has suffered water damages, you will probably know how this disaster can prevent you from doing your business. Worse, if you have employees and other staff in the office, they are at risk too. When you undergo commercial water damage, you have to take action straight away.

Often, commercial water damage restoration is more complicated than water damage restoration at home. When it's commercial water damage, it will require more of an intensive approach - the size of the building, the extent of the damage, what you have been using your office space for, how many people work in the office - all these things affect the process of restoration. And there are time constraints too because a business needs to continue operating.

What are the causes of commercial water damage?


  1. Damaged windows: Perhaps your windows are not properly sealed because they are damaged - then water seeps in. This can cause mold to build up and wood to warp. Windows should be sealed regularly as the caulk can gradually break down over time.
  2. Pipe damage: Damaged pipes can result from a lot of things; water pressure changes, deterioration in water supply lines, sewer drains, and cold water - many things. What you notice from these things is water stains on the floors and walls, bulging walls, cracked and loose tiles, a musty damp smell. Usually, professional guys need to come and detect the problem with their detection equipment.
  3. Foundation of building: Are there puddles nearby? Does the rain come down like a waterfall from the roof? Gutters can get clogged up if they aren't cleaned regularly, causing water to leak into the building through the foundation or roof.
  4. Leaking roofs: A leaking roof will damage ceilings, creating mold and mildew; even cause it to be a fire hazard, or compromising structural integrity. When roofs are exposed to heavy winds, heat, snow, rains, they become vulnerable to damage. If snow and ice aren't removed properly or on time, major water damage in roofs can occur.
  5. HVAC problems: Ducts in the systems can wear out and cause damage and leaks. Ducts need to be cleaned regularly. Any excess water from the condensation reservoirs needs to be removed to prevent water damage.

Here's a sixth one; clogging of sewers and sprinkler system leaks. Check this, because sewer water contains pathogens and bacteria that can cause infections and illness. Sprinkler systems need to be checked for damage regularly for the presence of mildew and mold.

Don't forget that flash floods causing flood damage, thunderstorms, hurricanes, etc. can also significantly damage your property. You can't prevent these natural disasters, but you need to make sure your commercial property is prepared for these events. Check out precautionary measures you can put in place - but a good starting place is to have the building regularly inspected.

  • Create a flood monitoring system so you are warned
  • Get sufficient coverage for your property in the form of water damage insurance - then the professional contractor will deal with you and the insurance company directly to ensure payout so that cleaning and repairing can start ASAP. The insurance company will pay out in full or in increments depending on the situation and the time required for restoration and repair. Insurance companies can be unpredictable, so be prepared for any scenario. Review all documents from the contractor and the insurance company, understanding all that fine print.
  • Have a water damage inspection at least once a year by the professionals.
  • Invest in the maintenance of the facility by taking out a preventative maintenance plan to keep your building secure and safe.

You need professionals like Flood Damage Pro for this; certified, reliable, and our word is good. If the water damage is caused by structural issues such as those mentioned above, you won't really have any other choice but to bring in professionals.

We answer "yes!" to all these important questions:

  • Are we licensed and certified to do the work?
  • Do we give free inspections and quotes?
  • Have we got references to show you, plus a portfolio of our type of work?
  • Is there a contract?
  • Do we have a warranty or guarantee of the work we do?


Water damage needs to be addressed ASAP

If you do notice signs of water damage in your commercial building, call us in. We'll fix the problem before it gets worse and costs even more. It is essential you stay on top of your game, while we keep on top of your commercial water problems!

Time is ticking and any delay can cause additional damage to your property
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, for a worry-free cleanup and restoration
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