Burst Pipes, Faucet Leaks and Water Damage RestorationBurst Pipes, Faucet Leaks and Water Damage Restoration
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Burst Pipes, Faucet Leaks and Water Damage Restoration

The Most Common Water Damage is Leaks and Burst Pipes.

ater damage comes in all forms and extents, but no doubt the main water damages are the ones caused by burst pipes and water leaks. Recovering from faucet leaks or a broken pipe can be excruciating, but there are certain steps you can take to minimize the damage and get your home restored quickly.

Repairing The Source Process

Broken Pipe Leaks Damage and Restoration

Pipe bursts are the most common water damage in the home, along with faucet leaks. Both of these "harmless" household items have a great potential for damage, especially if the leak and water isn't discovered immediately. In the worst of cases, like when the pipe burst is in a rarely visited crawl space, you'll only find out when the water bill comes in.

However, the water bill is only one of the costs that will accompany water damage due to a burst pipe. The restoration and repair of water damage can range from a couple of hundred dollars and upward of $100,000 in very bad cases (such as those requiring a full structural drying and renovation to the whole house).

Your pipes may have burst due to a variety of reasons, including temperature changes, poor insulation in cold weather, very old pipes which are worn out, or a pipe that froze due to very cold weather.

The first thing to do when you discover water damage of any kind, burst pipe or other, is to close the water mains and the electricity. After you have taken care of that, you can continue to restore your home and take care of the water damage.

Pipe Bursts Damages

Pipe Bursts

How to restore burst pipe water damage?

Safety first - Close the water sources and electricity - these steps will ensure to stop the water damage and also prevent safety issues. If you haven't done it yet, and you're reading this - go do it now and then get back to reading.

Call an expert - If you believe you suffered from water damage, call a water damage restoration company like Flood Damage Pro that'll be able to take care of the leak and the damage for you. If you think you can recover your property yourself, call a plumber to fix the pipes. However, keep in mind that you may not be able to identify hidden water damage, and that'll cost you more in the long run and won't be covered by the insurance.

Inspect the property, take photos, call the insurance - Once the leak has been fixed, and if you haven't called a water damage company, you should document the damage to your property. Calling the insurance company will also help you understand what's covered in your policy to help you recover from the water damage.

Plan the restoration - based on the extent of the damage, the water damage restoration expert will plan out the best way to restore your home to its original condition.

Extract the water - the water will be extracted using water extraction machines, to prevent further water damage to property.

Dry the affected areas and inspect for mold growth - using professional drying equipment the area will be dried, and then inspected for mold growth. In addition, once dried, the area will be sanitized and disinfected.

Thorough cleaning and restoration - cleaning and salvaging the affected areas. In addition, we will restore drywalls and flooring to complete the cleaning and restoration.

Monitoring and inspection - once the water damage restoration is done, we will review the affected area to make sure everything was dried properly, that humidity levels are back to normal, and that you, our valued customer, is utterly and completely satisfied.

We hope you'll never suffer from a burst pipe, but if you do - call Flood Damage Pro at 866-869-4167.
We'll make your life simpler, taking care of the water damage from A to Z, and from disaster to full restoration.

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