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Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Carpet and Rug Cleaning for Homes and Businesses

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Cleaning Carpets & Rugs

Everyone should vacuum their carpets or rugs with a bagless vacuum cleaner at least once. It's an eye opening experience. As you remove the cup to dump out what was vacuumed, your jaw hits the floor. What appeared to be a perfectly clean carpet was actually full of dust, lint, and silt-like particles.

This is because there's a lot of open space in carpeting, between the looped or tufted fibers. Dirt is really sneaky, creeping into carpets and rugs so gradually that you can't even see it. And no matter how good your vacuum cleaner is, it won't remove all the dirt, dust, dust mites, pollen, and dander - you get the picture.

This is why there's professional carpet and rug cleaning. In fact, the major carpet manufacturers recommend professional carpet cleaning as the best care for their products.

Flood Damage Pro is the place to call for your residential and commercial carpet cleaning needs. If we can clean and restore carpets and rugs after water damage, we can clean just about anything!

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaners

Professional Carpet and Rug Cleaning Methods

Flood Damage Pro offers a variety of tried and tested carpet cleaning methods, all with guaranteed results, including stain removal, carpet deodorizing and carpet protection.

Steam cleaning

It combines the cleaning power of hot water with super-powered suction to extract the moisture along with the dirt.

Dry absorbent compound

is our driest carpet cleaning method, and a great solution for super quick-drying.

Shampoo carpet cleaning

updated with encapsulation technology! The special formulas separate and surround the dirt, for easy vacuum removal.

Dry foam

is a low moisture cleaning method, perfect for rugs that shouldn't get too wet.

Absorbent pad (bonnet) cleaning

This method uses an absorbent pad attached to a rotary cleaner to gently agitate out dirt from carpets sprayed with encapsulating cleaning solutions.

Rug cleaning

We'll pick up your rug from your location and bring it to our rug workshop, where it will be dusted, washed, dried, and groomed before it is delivered back to your home or business

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