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Flood Damage Pro Chicago, IL

Flood Damage Pro in Chicago, IL

Flash flooding is increasingly a problem in Chicago. When heavy rains flood the sewer system and back up into your basement, you need someone you can trust to restore your property quickly and completely. Flood Damage Pro is here to clean up after the storm.

And our expertise isn't just for floods. We handle all kinds of water damage, from burst pipes and stopped up toilets to overflowing washing machines, with emergency services for both residential and commercial locations.

24/7 Emergency Service
Flood Damage Pro
Hours: Monday through Sunday, all day
Phone: 708-536-4636 [map & reviews]
Dispatch address: Nature Dr, Oak Forest, IL 60452
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Professional Water Damage Restoration Specialists

Whatever your water problem, whether part of the carpet is wet or a whole room, Flood Damage Pro's team of professionals can locate the source of the water and take all the necessary steps to dry, clean, disinfect, and repair your property.

It all starts with one call to our emergency number. We're available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because a timely response to water damage is critical. Mold will start growing on damp surfaces in as little as 24 to 48 hours, so the sooner we can get there to remove excess water and start the drying process, the simpler the restoration.

Once visible standing water is removed with powerful extractors, our restoration technicians use the latest technology to find and monitor moisture is the key to today's successful restorations. Flood Damage Pro is qualified to follow all industry standard practices, ensuring an efficient and expert restoration.

Insurance Company Claims

In the aftermath of water damage in your home or office, it can take all your time and energy just to get your life back in order, let alone figuring out the claims process with your insurance company. Flood Damage Pro works with your insurance company for smooth sailing through this difficult time.

Just call Flood Damage Pro and your insurance provider as soon as possible after the water damage occurs. Most insurance requires you to take steps to protect your property from secondary damage, so water removal is the first priority.

Our Promise to You

There is a lot more to water damage restoration than just sucking water out of the carpet. A restoration done properly restores your property to how it was before the loss. We take pride in the high quality services we provide to Chicago area homeowners and business owners. That is why Flood Damage Pro backs up its work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No gimmicks, just the solid restoration work you need.

To start your restoration, call our office today 708-536-4636.

Time is ticking and any delay can cause additional damage to your property
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, for a worry-free cleanup and restoration
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