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Undeniably, mold can be a major-league nuisance. It darkens decks, manifests as black spots on siding, discolors drywall, rots & grows on damp wood everywhere and blackens grout lines in the shower. Even worse, mold can be dangerous to your health.

Are you a resident of Olney in the Washington, DC metropolitan area? Has mold infested your home? The trick to mold remediation is to handle them before they become big and harm your family and home. Since many mold removal companies exist, you must take your time before hiring one. Exercising due diligence will go miles in helping you land the best mold remediation company in Olney.

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Why You Should Hire a Professional for Mold Remediation in Olney

While getting rid of mold in the house can seem like a simple and straightforward process, it's best left to professionals.

Here are some of the reasons you should hire Flood Damage Pro for your mold issues:

Expertise: Experts at Flood Damage Pro not only boast a wealth of experience, they also have adequate skills to help conduct home mold remediation. What is more that the experts have access to the latest techniques and materials in the business. After carefully evaluating the situation at home, they choose appropriate methods to achieve the best results without further spreading the infestation or damaging the walls.

Increased safety: The spores present in mold can cause respiratory problems for you, your loved ones, or even your pets. Most mold remediation companies if not all have personal protective equipment that are necessary to prevent injury or illness during a project. Some of the equipment that the company uses in the projects include:

  • Body coveralls
  • Boots and/or boot covers
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • N95 respirator masks

Bonded: Bonds are handy for mold remediation as they protect both the company and property owner for particular jobs. All projects undertaken by Flood Damage Pro are bonded. It means that as a property owner, you can make a reimbursement claim if the company abandons your project.

Liability insurance: Flood Damage Pro is a certified mold contractor. This kind of insurance protects both the property owner and contractor should anything go wrong and causes structural damage to your home or physically harms any member of your family.

Why Mold is Dangerous to Our Health

Mold is highly dangerous to your health. That is why you need to hire a mold remediation company in Olney to show you how to get rid of black mold. So how dangerous is black mold?

Mold releases microscopic spores that cause sneezing, runny noses, allergic reactions, and injurious/irritating odors. Toxic mold exposure is known to cause respiratory problems, lung deficiencies, chronic congestion, eye irritation, high fevers and skin irritation.

What are the Causes for Mold Growth?

Mold thrives in an environment with moisture and/or water. The following are some of the conditions that favor the growth of mold in your home:

  • Moisture (Humidity and water leaks)
  • Oxygen
  • Warmth (Mold doesn't grow in freezing temperatures)
  • Darkness (Mold doesn't grow under ultraviolet light)
  • Food sources (cotton, drywall and wood)
  • Mold spores
  • Ample time (Mold start to grow within 24 - 48 hours. This is especially true if the conditions are appropriate)

Why it's Important to Act Fast

After a water-related disaster or there's a tiny leak on your roof, the chances for mold to grow inside your home are high. Mold is linked to all sorts of health and structural problems. Therefore, you need to hire a mold remediation company to remove it immediately.

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