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Structural Drying

Structural and Commercial Drying

Minimize Damage and Prevent Mold Growth with the Right Structural Drying Process

tructural drying is a high priority restoration activity of any water damage which affected a building's structure or base materials. Prompt and efficient drying is required to minimize damage to the building and prevent ongoing damage or future mold growth. Correct structural drying will also be key to decreasing water damage restoration costs in the long term.

Rebuilding Process

Professional Structural Drying and Restoration

Structural drying is a drying strategy to take care of moisture and moisture related damage. Structural drying starts with tracking down humidity and removing wet materials, monitoring the drying progress until moisture levels reach desired goal, as well verify and monitor the humidity and moisture later on to make sure the moisture doesn't return.

Applied Structural Drying is part of the repair process after water damage which works with structural restoration and water extraction. Water is the source of life but also it can be among most destructive forces on the earth. Water can damage your home even from small water pipe leaks if not discovered early in advance. Therefore, to prevent further destruction, removing excess moisture helps minimize possible mold growth and further damage to the home. Structural drying needs to be executed as close as possible to the water damage, using the right equipment for water extraction, evaporation and dehumidification.

Why You Need Structural Drying From Professionals

Structural drying by professionals has several advantages that include:

  • Proper evaluation of the situation in the home or building, and planning the right way to perform the structural drying.
  • Company technicians perform the drying faster and more efficiently, hence save on time and money.
  • Professional water damage companies have the right advanced equipment, suitable for the drying process.
  • They provide data and documentation which measures the job progress and its completion.

One should understand when to contact professionals to reduce water damages and cut on cost associated with repair. Technicians will be able to evaluate the problem then determine all possible locations of moisture to locate equipment and perform the drying with high efficiency and short time. In case of any leaking or pooling water, contact Flood Damage Pro for immediate assistance.

How to conduct the damage restoration.

The first and key thing is to remove water quickly just after the leak is discovered. However, to entirely remove water is a long & difficult process, if the water and humidity entered the building's structure. At Flood Damage Pro, we have equipped technicians who are professionals certified in water damage restoration and applied structural drying. The certifications give the technicians required skills and knowledge to apply in structural drying and water damage restoration.

Inspection Process

Structural drying process

1.) Inspection and assessment of the damage.

The drying professionals assess the areas damaged then determine the best methods to repair the water damage, including the right equipment to work on the problem.

2.) Removal of water and extraction of water.

A portable or truck-mounted equipment will be used to remove the majority of water from areas affected.

3.) Applying Antimicrobial.

Technicians will apply antimicrobial agent to prevent growth of mold on surfaces of water affected areas and any suspected areas.

4.) Dry and dehumidify.

In this stage, technicians use rapid drying fan evaporation process with desiccant and dehumidification equipment to ensure complete and safe drying of areas affected in the shortest time frame possible.

5.) Monitoring.

Continuously monitoring the decontamination and drying process is required, checking constantly for moisture content reading that measures moisture content of affected areas and areas not affected.

Water can really cause serious damages to someone's property, therefore Flood Damage Pro is dedicated to offer committed, dependable, high quality and quick water damage restoration services.

We're just a call away at 866-869-4167. Structural drying is very crucial following water damage, or the whole home might be affected which is not only a loss of thousands of dollars but also a health & even life risk.

Drying Property Process

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