Water Extraction ProcessWater Extraction Process
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Water Extraction Process

Water Extraction Process

Extract and Remove Water from Places It Shouldn't Be

ater extraction is the first step of water damage mitigation and restoration. Successful water extraction will assist the drying process, and make the restoration process for water damage a lot smoother. The water extraction will remove all excess water from your property, and has to be executed as soon as possible to prevent ongoing water damages.

Water Removal Process

How to Perform Water Extraction?

You should start removing water from the affected area as soon as you can, unless it is sewage water or the water looks unclear. If so, the water may be contaminated and you should avoid contact with it. In addition, shut down the electricity and get all electric items away from the water. Water and electricity don't get along.

Steps of Water Extraction?

Safety first - Shut down the water mains and the electricity.
If the water is still flowing, now's a good time to find the water source and try to stop it. If it's an appliance, a burst pipe or leaking faucet, turn off the water mains to the home. If it's a leak in the roof or a sewage overflow, try to confine the water to the smallest area you can.

Call your insurance company - sudden water damage is covered by most homeowners insurance, and so is the water extraction to restore your property. Call the insurance and make sure what you're entitled to receive under your policy terms.

Drain the water - if you have where to drain the water to, try to do it. If not, wait for the professionals to arrive. This can be done with a mop, towels, or whatever you can move and blot water with.

Inspection of water and water flow - to check if the water is only on the surface or it has dripped in some less wanted places such as into the drywall, under the wood floor, down to the basement or any other place where water doesn't belong.

Water extraction - Using professional water extraction equipment the water will be removed from the property, allowing to begin the water damage restoration process. After the water extraction is done, it is time to start the drying and restoration.

Additional steps of water damage restoration:

Drying the property - Drying the affected areas after the water has been extracted is a crucial step to prevent mold growth and ongoing water damage.

Last, but not least - Restoring the property - a general word for a very detailed process, which includes drying, replacing affected flooring and drywalls, and effectively repairing the property to its original condition or even better. Remember, water extraction is only the first step of water damage restoration but without it the process cannot begin and can't be executed properly. Make sure your water damage company knows how to extract the water from visible and hidden places, so you won't be surprised later on.

Call the experts of Flood Damage Pro and enjoy a worry free restoration.

Emergency Restoration

What is Water Extraction?

Water Extraction means removing all excess water from a place they're not supposed to be in. It can be the basement, the attic or your living room. Water damage is never fun, especially since it requires resources and efforts to go through without losing your mind, and restoring your home back to its original state.

After water damage, your home needs a complete water damage restoration process, starting with water damage extraction to remove all water that entered your home. If the water is not removed quickly after the water damage, more problems will arise including (but not limited to) mold growth, additional damage to material, spreading of the water damage to other areas, and more.

The water extraction should be carried out by experts like Flood Damage Pro, with professional grade equipment and knowledge which will make sure to get all the water out properly, and make sure no water is left in places it shouldn't be. However, if you suffered water damage don't wait - try to remove the water ASAP even while waiting for the restoration company.

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