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Flood Damage Pro Blog

Welcome to Flood Damage Pro's blog. The restoration industry can seem complicated when you first encounter it. We're here to offer you a ringside view into the world of water damage restoration, with interesting stories of real-life restorations we've done and tips and information you can trust, because it's coming from our restoration professionals.

Our topics will be diverse, covering anything and everything related to water damage, fire damage, mold remediation, and what these damages have to do with your insurance coverage. Take a look around, and come back and visit us to see what's new.

Our Recent Topics


What To Do If Your House Floods?

Like many people in the past, you might have arrived home and found that a very unwelcome guest has moved in quickly and departed, leaving chaos and debris in its wake - flood damage. You might be familiar with this visitor because you live in a high-risk flood zone - maybe you know the story all too well of evacuating, but never have experienced any loss personally...
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Sewage Backup Issues and How to Deal With It

The backing up of sewage waste is undoubtedly one of the most unpleasant scenarios that could occur for any private or corporate property owner. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to predict when such a thing is going to happen...
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Top 5 causes of commercial water damage in USA

If for instance, your business has suffered water damages, you will probably know how this disaster can prevent you from doing your business. Worse, if you have employees and other staff in the office, they are at risk too...
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COVID-19 Prevention: Why Household Disinfection Is Important These Days

The times we are living in right now are certainly unusual - not only do we have to contend with spending endless hours indoors but we have also become the recipients of daily grim news courtesy of the COVID-19 outbreak. To keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, we are constantly reminded of...
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Water Damage Risks Around The Home

Water damage at home does not only happen during floods, excessive rainfall, and storms. Leaks, lack of proper home planning and poor maintenance practice also can cause water damage.  Some water damage is preventable, and some isn't. With a little preparation and attention, you can avoid many causes of water damage...
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What To Do When A Pipe Bursts

A burst pipe is a common plumbing problem that homeowners face today. In the case of a burst water pipe, it can cause massive damage to your house. This plumbing issue allows water to leak into ceilings, walls, and floors which can cause structural damage if repairs are delayed...
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Necessary Equipment Used for Water Damage Restoration in Your House

Picture what water can do indoors, in places where it doesn't belong. Water can cause real damage to a home or place of work. The damage doesn't only come from natural disasters like flood damage, which is of course extremely harmful, but from other sources as well...
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Can Mold Return After Remediation?

If we want to answer this question thoroughly, first we must understand what mold is, how it got there and how to get rid of it. Mold can be defined as fungi which grow in hyphae form. For mold to grow the following conditions must be met...
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Smelly Carpets Could Mean You Need More than Carpet Cleaning

You know how some places just smell musty and old? Like they haven't been cleaned in a while? What if you enter your home one day and notice that smell? Could it be your carpets went bad in a day, because that smell wasn't there yesterday? That's probably not the case...
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The Peculiar Case of the Water Heater in the Basement

Waking up is hard to do. You need to get out of your cozy bed, go wash up, get dressed and get some coffee in you before you start your day. Now think of getting out of bed, as hard as that is, walking slowly to the shower, opening the hot water, and waiting for it to run so you can hop in, and...
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Water Damage Causes at Home and How to Deal with Them

We all know we're surrounded by water. The ocean, lakes, rivers, ponds, and other natural water reserves. But we are also surrounded by human-made waterways - sewers, water mains and pipes, and gutters also fill up with water when it rains....
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Water Damage Coverage by Homeowners Insurance

If you're a home owner, you probably have a homeowner's insurance policy. If you don't have one, we're pretty sure it's a good idea you have one. The homeowner's insurance is your best coverage from potential damages, from various causes and factors...
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Preventing Water Damage in Your Home

The best solution to water damage is preventing it from happening. You do not want to deal with water damage, so why not make sure you're as safe as you can be?...
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Storm & Water Damage

Rain & storms can get you wet, even when you are in your home. Sometimes, the roof, walls and foundations meant to protect us from outer nature weather give in. It usually happens when we don't expect it...
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Oh the Damage a Dishwasher Can Do

Dishwashers are great, but also encompass great water damage potential. Imagine a dishwasher breaking down while working, all full of water. The amount of water flowing would be overwhelming, especially since in most cases the water keeps flowing as the dishwasher doesn't stop the water flow....
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How to Recover from a Pipe Burst

It might be the sound of dripping water on the ceiling or behind a wall, or a mysterious puddle on the floor. Maybe you've noticed a decrease in water pressure when you turn on the hot water faucet, or no water flow whatsoever. These are all signs that a pipe may have burst...
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Water Mitigation Professionals

Our water mitigation professionals are trained, certified and experienced in restoring your real estate back in working order in a blink of an eye. Our services and ourselves are available to you seven days a week, any day of the year...
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Water Damage Insurance Claim Tips

There is nothing insignificant about water damage. No matter whether it was your furniture, walls, carpet, or the very structural integrity of your home that took the hit, it can seriously compromise the market value of your property and even put the health and safety of your family at risk by providing the right conditions for mold and mildew growth...
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Emergency Water Damage Cleanup Tips

Most homeowners are very surprised by the amount of damage a little water can do. Water from rain and other natural sources can carry germs that will contaminate the environmental quality of your home...
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Water Damage Clean Up Service

It is in your best interest to get the professional service to handle all of your water damage repair and water damage restoration. Our water damage clean up service has trained staff with long standing experience...
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How Long Does it Take for Mold to Grow?

Mold infestation and growth often occurs indoors following water damage. Mold, like any other life form, needs water to grow. Extract the water, remove the moisture and you have stopped the mold from growing but you have not eliminated it yet...
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Emergency Water Removal

It's important that you choose a proper water damage service that understands the process of addressing flooding problems and can offer emergency water extraction when you need it most. As well as the proper methods of water cleanup in your property...
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Water Damage Restoration, Repair & Removal

Having your property damaged by water is a serious problem. Whether minimal damage or extensive, water damage always needs a proper response and quick reaction...
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Dodging the Domino Effect: Working with Your Insurance after Water Damage

Waking up to find water damage is no fun at all. You should be ready for water damage, since you don't know when it might happen. First thing to do is make sure you're covered by your insurance policy, and the second thing is to know what to do if water damage happens...
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What Does a Water Damage Restoration Company Do?

When they find out what I do professionally, many people ask me, "What does a water restoration company do?" or "What is water damage restoration?" So let me answer...
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Black Mold: The Toxic House Guest

You are in your basement when something catches your eye - a black streak on the wall. You look closer. Oh no! Is that mold growing? You begin moving boxes and notice that there is more - a lot more...
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Four clues you have mold in the house

When was the last time you thought about mold? Weird thought, isn't it. Most people don't spend too much time thinking about mold. They mostly just try to get rid of it - throw away moldy leftovers, bleach or wipe mold off the bathroom walls, paint over a moldy wall corner...
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Flood Damage Pro - Helping the Community

As the DC and Baltimore metropolitan areas begin to dig out from last weekend's blizzard, there are many homes and businesses that have sustained water damage from the storm. Flood Damage Pro wants to make a difference for someone whose property was damaged...
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