Water Damage Restoration

A Timely Response Is The Key

A timely response is the key to a successful restoration. We're available 24/7 for a rapid emergency response. Many times floors, rugs, and furniture can be restored easily if we start as soon as possible after the damage. This saves you the huge costs of replacement.

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Water Damage Restoration
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Here are some common causes of water damage:


Burst Pipe

Burst Pipe

When a pipe bursts, it can release gallons upon gallons of water into the building. Depending on where the pipe is located, water can soak through carpet and carpet pads, drench hardwood floors, leak through ceilings and drywall, infiltrate cement and plaster, and seep through insulation.

It's crucial to remember that the actual repair of the broken pipe must be handled by a licensed plumber. However, once the plumber has addressed the root cause, our specialized team steps in. We take care of the rest, from meticulous water extraction and drying to thorough cleaning and disinfection, and finally, comprehensive repair and restoration work.

When we are dealing with a burst pipe, the most pressing issue is to stop the flow of water at the main water shutoff. A burst pipe invariably leads to a surge of water, often in areas not designed to handle such volumes. This is extracted quickly with commercial-grade extraction equipment. Additionally, fast and efficient drying of the affected area is paramount to prevent the growth of mold and other harmful microorganisms. Rapid drying not only aids in damage control but also helps restore the normalcy of living or working conditions swiftly.

Flooded basements

Flooded Basements

Whether it's due to cracks in the foundation or flooding from a stream or river, basement flooding needs professional help to remove extra water, clean the area, and dehumidify to make sure the air gets dry, too.

For unfinished basements, the main concerns are any personal belongings stored in the space, as well as standing water. Since many unfinished basements are made of concrete, there are usually not building materials to be removed, but special attention is paid to dehumidifying the space to make sure that the concrete dries out completely.

For a finished basement there are of course additional considerations. The most important thing is to ensure that all furniture and belongings are removed before any restoration work can begin. This includes items like rugs, couches, bookshelves, or dressers that have been hit by the floodwaters. Once these belongings have been safely relocated, we assess the damage and start drying out the area.

Broken Water Lines

Broken Water Lines

One of the most vulnerable parts of any home are the water lines to our appliances, like the washing machine, dishwasher, and the ice maker in the refrigerator. They are hidden from sight and can deteriorate, cracking and soaking everything around.

Water lines can be behind walls and underneath floors, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the leak unless a professional inspects the area thoroughly. Since the water source is known to be from the indoor plumbing, the first step is to shut off the water supply to halt further damage. Once that's done, the area needs a thorough inspection to ascertain the extent of the damage.

Furthermore, it is important to note that not all water from broken appliance lines is clean or safe for consumption. If there are any signs of contamination such as an odd smell or discoloring, it is best to refrain from drinking or using the water for any purpose until it has been tested and certified safe, and we will treat the affected area carefully for any microbial contamination.

Leaky Roof

Leaky Roof

A roof is only as good as its weakest shingle. When your roof lets in water, it can happen so gradually you don't even know about it until it's grown to a huge problem. We give the same expert attention to all projects, big and small.

Leaky roofs should be immediately attended to as water can cause significant damage over time, including mold growth, rot and structural decay. The extent of the damage will depend on the location of the leak and how long it has been left unchecked. It is important to inspect any adjacent walls or ceilings for signs of excess moisture or staining. If found, then drying out these areas is essential as mold and mildew can rapidly grow in wet environments. Professional restoration experts can help assess the scope of damage, as well as take steps to ensure that the area is safe and dry again.

It is important to be mindful of safety when inspecting a water-damaged roof or ceiling. If there are any signs of sagging or weakened structural elements, movement should be limited and a professional should be consulted to ensure the area is safe. With the right precautions, water damage due to a leaky roof can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

Sewage Backup and Toilet Overflows

Sewage Backup and Toilet Overflows

We'll take extra care to help you dispose of what's completely ruined and clean up, sanitize, and disinfect everything else.

These types of problems not only involve extensive cleanup and repairs, but also the disposal of contaminated materials that should be handled with caution. Sewage backups and toilet overflows are usually caused by clogs in the pipes due to debris buildup, or from excessive amounts of water in the system. When this type of water damage occurs, it is essential to hire Flood Damage Pro to help mitigate the problems and restore the area safely. We have the proper protective gear to deal with sewage, as well as access to specialized equipment for disposing of contaminated materials in an environmentally friendly manner.

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