Water Damage Restoration, Repair & Removal

Having your property damaged by water is a serious problem. Whether minimal damage or extensive, water damage always needs a proper response and quick reaction.

Imagine this: you wake up in the morning, step into the water in your hall and then realize - your water heater is broken and half of your apartment is flooded! Yes, this seems like a situation when you'd be likely to start panicking, but there are people who can handle it professionally. These are water damage restoration companies.

In cases of water damage, a quick reaction is very important because water can cause a lot of damage to your property. It can mess with your electric installations in the house. Moisture that stays around can easily cause mold to grow, along with other various complications. Mold can be a difficult problem to handle because it's unpleasant and bad for our health. Until you take care of the cause of the moisture, the mold is bound to come back again and again. Hiring someone who is an expert in handling these situations and returning your property back to normal is the right way to go.

The cost of water damage can depend on many factors, such as the area of damage, the source of water (the kitchen sink, the pipes, toilet, sewer etc.), and how long the water damage has been occurring. These and other things can significantly impact the price.

It is important to check your insurance coverage and then to find a reliable company with the professional team, who can clean, repair and restore the water damage in your home or property.

Flood Damage Pro is your source for expert water damage restoration.

Water Damage Restoration, Repair & Removal
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What Is Water Damage

What is water damage?

Water damage describes a variety of situations where you can have your property damaged (or destroyed) by water. Basically, water can be absorbed into porous substances, causing carpet to separate from its backing, laminate to come off of pressed board, and other damages, such as metal rusting and falling apart. Damage can be quite small, which could lead to water spots on some surfaces, but it can also be more extensive, leaving you to deal with an extremely flooded area. Water damage can some from many different causes. It can be a washing machine overflow, leakage from your dishwasher, leaking or broken pipes, a clogged toilet... You name it.

Pipe bursts are a common water damage problem. A tiny crack in a pipe (about 1/8 inch wide) can release up to 250 gallons of water a day.

Typical places for water damage can be a bathroom, kitchen, or basement. Water from above, whether from a pipe or a leaky roof, can even cause water damaged ceilings. In the case of a major disaster, such as a tropical storm, flood, or even a hurricane, damaged area can include the whole house or apartment, so you will need flood damage repair.

Water damage is categorized according to how contaminated the water source is. There are 3 categories:

  • Category #1 - in this case, a source of water does not pose a threat to people and we can call it "clean water". It refers to water that overflows a bathtub, sink and other sources of water supply lines.
  • Category #2 - better known as "grey water" and it can come from toilet (with urine, but no feces), dishwasher, washing machine etc. This could cause illness if ingested.
  • Category #3 - it is unsanitary, it is gross and it is "black water". It comes from sewage, rivers, it can be standing water and so on. This water is highly contaminated and could cause severe illness or death.
What To Do In Case Of Water Damage Emergency

What to do in case of water damage emergency?

Every water damage situation is very urgent and it needs fast response and reaction. It is important to do everything quickly and, of course, to contact a specialized company to handle your situation. Your best choice is, without a doubt, Flood Damage Pro. You can count on our quick arrival and fast service!

Until the help arrives at your home, we can provide you with some water damage cleanup tips and other tips on how to act in case of these inconvenient situations.

  • Safety should always be your priority. Beware of the electrical appliances, be careful with slippery floors and wet objects, do only the things that will guarantee you will stay safe. If you think it is safer to get out of the house/apartment, do it.
  • Things you shouldn't do after a water damage - leave rooms alone, especially if you suspect the ceiling might fallin. Don't leave fabric, leather, books or other colored things on the wet surfaces, if possible. Do not use electrical appliances or television. And also, your regular vacuum cleaner is not suitable for removing water. Leave it to the professionals!
  • Things you should do after a water damage - remove the lamps, pillows, art, rugs... all the things that could possibly be soaked in water, and protect them. Also, if there is a need for emergency water removal, try to mop away the water from the surfaces, blot or wipe away (whatever works). Isolate the wooden furniture from wet carpeting by putting Styrofoam blocks or aluminium foil.
The Water Damage Restoration and Repair Process

The water damage restoration and repair process

Water damage restoration needs to be a quick and efficient process. In this case it is necessary to find someone reliable and fast. Your best choice is the professional restoration team at Flood Damage Pro. You can count on a fast response from our reliable and professional team. We've been in this business since 2005, insured and certified with water damage restoration certification to provide you with the premium quality service.

What is water mitigation?

What does a water damage restoration company do, you might wonder?

Although every water damage accident is different, there are a few steps of the water damage restoration process that usually stay the same:

  • Contacting the company - the moment you realize you have water damage, quickly contact a water damage restoration service (Flood Damage Pro is available for you 24/7)
  • Inspection of property and assessing the damage - Flood Damage Pro's team will find the source of water and stop it, assess the type of water and scope of damage they are dealing with.
  • Removal of water and drying process - our team will effectively remove the water from your property and also do the carpet/rug cleaning if necessary; next is the process of drying floors and walls with special, top quality equipment that makes sure your property dries quickly, safely, and completely.
  • Cleaning process - a flooded or wet area can leave a very bad smell and needs to be cleaned immediately, so our water damage clean up service will make sure to leave your damaged space clean, sanitized and disinfected.
  • Restoration process - during this last step, we restore your home to the previous condition, before the accident and damage occurred.
The Relationship Between Water Damage & Mold Growth

The relationship between water damage & mold growth

In case you experience any type of leakage, overflow and especially major flood in your property, you will probably have to deal with the development of mold in that area. So, how long does it take for mold to grow? Not long, that's for sure. It will take maximum 72 hours for mold to spread through the wet places. If the flooded place is not completely dried ( the drying process can require a lot of work to get it done on time), mold will most certainly grow there, leaving stained surfaces and unpleasant odor throughout the area.

At Flood Damage Pro you can be sure to receive the best mold prevention and mold remediation services. In case you just experienced a flood, we can do everything to prevent mold from growing by making sure your property is completely dry and back to normal. If you are already dealing with mold on your property, we are also here to clean it, remove the mold and get it back to normal. We are here to provide you with the highest quality service and successfully remove the mold from your previously wet or flooded property. So, if you see any signs of mold or if you are experiencing a serious mold-related problem, you can call us to handle the situation.

Important warning: To prevent mold from growing, make sure not to keep your indoor space humid. If possible, humidity should always be less than 45%.

What Is The Typical Cost For Water Damage Restoration

What is the typical cost for water damage restoration

Water damage restoration can be a more or less complicated process, depending on the situation. There are so many factors which can influence the cost of this kind of service.

First off, it can be very difficult to assess the entire scope of damage. Water is very persistent and annoying enemy, it can crawl into every single pore of the wall, wooden floor etc., damaging it and creating mold after it. When you think you might need a basement flooding repair, for example, and mold starts to appear in your living room - these situations show and confirm how destructive can water be.

Flood Damage Pro uses industry standard costs to create line item invoices of every action used to repair water damage. Of course, the longer you wait, the more complex the restoration will have to be, and the more expensive. It is very important to hire professionals right away so the damaged area won't spread.

Second important point is the water source. As mentioned earlier, we have 3 Categories of water - from the 1 ("clean water"), trough 2 ("gray water") to 3 ("black water"). Professionals can handle Category 1 water the easiest because it doesn't pose a threat to one's health. Category 2 and 3 water can pose a risk to the health of people who come in contact with it. In general, losses involving Category 2 and 3 water damage is charged more because it takes more complicated, additional cleaning and sanitizing.

To sum up, the cost of water damage restoration is not typical and fixed. It will vary on these factors mentioned above. You need to make sure to react fast and call the best water damage restoration company, Flood Damage Pro. We will inspect your property, assess the damage, and give a detailed restoration cost estimate.

water damage insurance claim

Got insurance?
Let us help you with your water damage insurance claim

In the case of water damage, you want to know about your insurance coverage. The smartest thing to do in this situation is to check if you are (and how much you are) covered by insurance.

People usually find out what their insurance covers when they experience water damage for the first time. So for example, if your dishwashing machine breaks and floods your carpeting, you may be covered by insurance for carpet replacement, but probably not for repairing the dishwashing machine.

Some water damage insurance claim tips are:

  • Contacting your insurance agent and reviewing your homeowner's policy would be the smartest thing to do
  • Your insurance company will expect you to take steps to minimize the damage. This may include turning off the water, emergency water removal, and other activities.
  • Timing is crucial! Procrastinating with water damage is the worst thing to do because the damage gets bigger and worse over time (ruined surfaces, growing mold etc.). That's why you need to act as fast as possible and to find a reliable and professional water damage restoration company.
How To Choose A Reliable Water Damage Restoration Company

How to choose a reliable water damage restoration company

When you need to handle water damage, flood damage or anything else that is related to these issues, you want to be sure you're reaching out to the experts in that field. Your choice should be, without a doubt, Flood Damage Pro. If you ask why - the answer is very simple. It's because there are a few points which are very important when choosing the right company to handle these situations for you, like:

  • Professionalism - At Flood Damage Pro you can count on the most professional, top quality service because our technicians are bonded and insured for all their work as well as certified. We are equipped with certifications from the IICRC for water and flood damage restoration, fire and smoke damage restoration, mold prevention, and mold remediation.
  • Experience - We've been providing these services since 2005. So, for more than a decade people could, and still can count on our professional service. We always try to keep our service up-to-date.
  • Availability - You can count on the fastest response (which can be crucial in situations of water damage) from us and availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remaining calm in these situations may be difficult, but it will be much easier when you know you reached out to the right company to help you out. We take pride in providing high-quality services and having satisfied customers.

For more information feel free to call Flood Damage Pro at 866-869-4167.

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