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Necessary Equipment Used for Water Damage Restoration in Your House

MONDAY, DEC 9, 2019

icture what water can do indoors, in places where it doesn't belong. Water can cause real damage to a home or place of work. The damage doesn't only come from natural disasters like flood damage, which is of course extremely harmful, but from other sources as well.

There are many causes of water damage, like leaking pipes or overflowing toilets. Worst of all, water damage in hidden areas can go unnoticed until your home has sustained a large amount of damage. Sewage backup has the additional unpleasantness of being waste water that comes back up into your property, causing foul smells and microbial and bacterial contamination. Of course, it also destroys your possessions and furniture. When it comes to water, your home is very vulnerable and you need a quick and professional response to water damage to repair your property.


The Professional Eye

Before beginning any water damage restoration job, a specialist team performs an inspection. This is important not only to locate the source of the leak, but to measure the extent of the damage that will need to be repaired. After the inspection is complete, the restoration team will have a detailed list of actions to bring the property back to the way it was before water damage happened. If water is still flowing, it must be stopped immediately to allow work to proceed. This could be by turning off the water main, repairing a crack in the basement, or waiting for flood waters to recede a bit.

Water Extraction

All flooded areas need to be drained. Absolute drainage is very important if you have a flooded basement, but any pool of water in a closed area will become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria if left to sit. Powerful pumps are brought in, which are high volume industrial grade machines; they are heavy duty and expensive as nothing less will do the job as quickly and effectively.


Humidity is another form of moisture that the experts have to worry about in every restoration. As standing water dries, it evaporates into the air, and it can drive up the relative humidity really quickly. To get your place dry you need an industrial strength dehumidifier which can extract 2 liters per kwh. These dehumidifiers suck all the excess moisture out of the air that can cause mold growth. The air cannot be too dry though, as bone dry air can be just as bad for your health as very damp conditions. A dehumidifier is particularly important after a clean up of a flooded basement.

Moisture Monitoring

A good dehumidifier has digital readouts that monitor the humidity of a room so an expert can gauge the perfect level, but experts have other tools that make monitoring the drying process really easy. Using small, hand-held moisture detectors, restoration techs can easily measure how close an area is to drying.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Getting the water out is only half the job. It is also important to clean and sanitize, either to prevent mold growth or take care of mold that has already started to grow. Mold is stubborn and won't come off with your average household cleaning chemicals. In fact, cleaning mold without professional knowledge may actually cause the mold to spread. Tough cleaning chemicals that only trained professionals know how to use are needed, as well as industry-standard processes and procedures. These are not things you can buy in your local supermarket. They are sold only to professionals like our water damage specialists in Rockville, MD. Since these are special solutions sold to companies, they are often highly concentrated and can actually burn your skin. Special PPE clothing needs to be worn when handling these cleaning solutions so do not try this at home!

Water Damage Restoration DIY - a bad idea?

Although it can be tempting to do it yourself we do not recommend it. Why?

Water cleanup and restoration is not something you can simply Google and get done in a few hours. It's a hard process that requires a lot of trained expertise and specialized equipment to get the job done correctly. The water must be removed entirely, taking into account excess humidity. If you were to do it yourself, you can encourage the growth of toxic mold colonies.

Mold can severely affect your health when you breathe in the microscopic spores. Mold can also destroy all your possessions, including furniture.

Let Flood Damage Pro take care of your water damage

If you have a flooded room or building with water damage, then you need to call Flood Damage Pro. We are experts and know everything there is to know about water damage and water damage restoration.

All our staff are highly trained in the best techniques for water removal and are masters of all the tools that go with the job. We can drain huge amounts of water and tackle the toughest mold colonies. We invest a lot in our tools like dehumidifiers, pumps, and cleaning chemicals.

When you call us, just sit back, relax and let us fix all your water damage problems. It's what we're there for.

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