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Fire Damage Recovering

Fire Damage

Recovering from Fire Damage

fire in your home or business can cause a lot of damage in a short period of time. But did you know that waiting to start your fire damage restoration process can lead to further damage? A fire leaves ash and smoke residue on every exposed surface. Left untreated, it can etch window glass, discolor plastics and appliances, and leave behind a persistent, difficult to remove odor. This secondary fire damage can only be prevented if a fire damage restoration professional treats your property right away.

Recovering From Fire

After the Fire: What to Do First

Once the fire is extinguished and everyone is safe and accounted for, call your insurance company to report the loss. And then call Flood Damage Pro. We're available 24/7 to respond to your emergency. We'll arrive at your location ASAP, ready to begin the cleanup and restoration immediately.

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A restoration professional can also tell you if it is safe to stay in your fire damaged property during the restoration. Besides possible structural damage, smoke and ash residue can significantly decrease air quality. In addition, water used to extinguish the fire can cause mold and mildew growth if left to dry on its own.

Recovering From Fire Damage

Fire Damage Restoration Services

Fire Damage Restoration Services

Flood Damage Pro's team of experienced technicians will clean, restore, and rebuild your property, with careful monitoring to make sure we are meeting restoration goals on schedule. We'll get you back to your regular routine before you know it, with:

Fire Damage Cleanup

Fire Damage Cleanup

We wipe down and sanitize every surface to stop the damage in its tracks, so it doesn't get worse.

Debris Removal

Debris Removal

We'll remove and dispose of the curtains, drywall, carpeting, or other materials that can't be repaired due to the level of damage.

Deodorization & Decontamination

Deodorization & Decontamination

Your property will be safe again, without that tell-tale smoky smell.

Yes, recovering from a fire is hard, both physically and emotionally. It's good to know that Flood Damage Pro can restore your fire damaged home or business property to its original conditions. A professional restoration process, when you need it the most.

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