Storm & Rain Water Damage Repair and RestorationStorm & Rain Water Damage Repair and Restoration
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Storm Damages

Storm & Rain Water Damage Repair and Restoration

Restoring Storm Damage Is a Job for Water Damage Professionals.

torm & rain damage comes suddenly, and hits with destructive force. Minimizing damage and restoring your home back to good condition is not a simple task, and since storm damage is usually extensive, better leave it for the experts. The process has to be done properly to prevent future damages and restore your home to proper living condition.

Rebuilding Process

Quick Restoration after the Storm Hits

Rain and storm damage is one of the hardest water damages that can affect your home. When you suffer from storm damage or rain damage, the damage can be swift, surprising and completely devastating. That's why it's important to get the water damage professionals to your home ASAP. If you act quickly you may be able to reduce the damage, or salvage items that can be restored as long as the process starts as close as possible to when the damage happened.

Our storm damage experts will help you recover swiftly from any storm or rain damage. We will come to your home quickly and advise the best ways to recover your personal property and restore your home back to normal.

It's important to remember that like any water damage, storm damage requires immediate action. Moreover, prompt and precise response to storm damage can decrease the ongoing damage to your property, including structural damage and mold growth. Since storm damage is usually more than just a small leak in the roof, the damage it incurs is bigger and more destructive than other water damages, such as pipe leaks.

If you suffered from storm damage and you're thinking about what to do now, let us tell you: Call Flood Damage Pro's experts at 866-869-4167 and get answers to all your questions in a professional manner, as well as get premium service to restore your property back to its original condition. We'll take the worry off of you, right from the first phone call and all the way to a restored property that looks and feels like it never suffered water damage.

Flooded Basements

Emergency Restoration

How to Restore Storm Damage?

First thing to remember, is that in most cases dealing with storm and rain damage would be a task for the experts, and you don't want to try and tackle it yourself. Restoring your home back to its original state requires knowledge and skills, to make the restoration easy, quick and efficient.

What are the steps of storm damage restoration?

Safety first - Shut down the water mains and the electricity. Water is disastrous by itself, and you don't want electricity mixed in as well.

Find the source of water - finding the source of the water is important, because that's the first thing needed to be fixed when the restoration begins.

Call your insurance company - Ask them how to proceed, and if you don't know what's covered - that's a great question as well. You can also call a water damage restoration company who knows how to work with the insurance company who can help you as well.

Full inspection and planning - after the source of the water has been identified, the affected areas will be inspected and a restoration plan will be laid out according to the extent of damage, materials, and required steps for restoration. At this stage, you should also take as many photos as possible.

Water extraction and initial cleanup - removing all the water in the property will allow to dry the water damaged areas, and also see what needs to be scrapped due to water damage. The sooner you get to this stage, the better chances you have of minimizing the water damage.

Drying the property - After the water has been removed, extensive drying can start to dry your home top to bottom, as well as decreasing humidity and preventing potential mold growth.

Restoring the property - Removing material that can's be dried properly (drywalls, insulation, etc.), cleaning hard surfaces, and sanitizing them to prevent mold and bacteria growth.

Final inspection and review - checking that the storm damage was fixed, that affected areas were cleaned, and that all areas have been treated against mold and prepared to withstand future storms.

Final restoration and repair - after cleaning and restoring everything, it's time to place the flooring, move the furniture back in, and enjoy your renewed and restored home.

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