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Water damage can be like your mobile bills when you're on roaming - if you're not careful, you can be in for a shock. Sometimes, the visible signs of water sign damage are next to none, and it's only through regular inspection that you can keep a check.

What is water damage?

Water damage, as seen above, can be very destructive. They are caused by water and can cause damage and cause loss to valuable materials and properties. Damage by water is not only limited to floods and hurricanes. Most homes have leaks in their pipes or faults in their drainage systems which can cause water to seep through the walls of the house and cause damage to property. If you are a resident of Ellicott City, MD and are looking for water damage restoration services, we at Flood Damage Pro are here to help you.

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What is the process of water damage restoration?

Before beginning water restoration processes, there are a few assessments we make. They are:

  • The extent of damage to the property.
  • The degree of contamination caused due to water damage. We assess the air quality and inspect for mold damage - a common occurrence after water flooding.
  • Whether replacement costs or restoration costs will benefit you. Flood Damage Pro can provide you with the correct estimate regarding actual damage and costs.

Why do you need a professional for water damage restoration?

Whether it be water damage in basement or mold remediation, you would need to call the right emergency restoration services.

Professionals are especially trained to make your home habitable in the least amount of time. They have extensive knowledge of water damage, and can quickly assess your property and apply the correct restoration procedures immediately.

If you do it by yourself, the work may take longer and the results will not be very satisfactory. During restoration, Professional will help you repair your possessions instead of discarding them right away - thus helping you save money. They will also help you out with insurance claims.

Steps followed for water damage restoration

Water damage restoration in Ellicott City can be easy if you hire the right experts.

  1. Inspection of the type of water that has caused the damage.
    Category 1: This is clean water - generally from broken pipes, drinking fountains, toilet tanks. Can degrade into Category 2 and 3 if not attended quickly.
    Category 2: This is gray water - water from dishwashers, washing machine, and also water from toilet overflows if they contain urine. This can make water damage clean up easy.
    Category 3: Unsanitary water - from sewage, flooding. Standing water that shows microbe growth also fall in this category.
  2. Water Removal:
    After inspection, our primary task is to drain out the water. This is done through submersible pumps and vacuums.
  3. Drying and Dehumidification:
    After all water, including those from absorbing surfaces, are removed, dehumidifiers are used for drying and removing moisture. Air movers are also used to create airflow to help in faster drying. This will help in preventing seconding damages like swelling of walls and furniture.
  4. Cleaning:
    After everything is dry, all properties are sanitized and disinfected to prevent further microbe and mold growth, to prevent bad odor formation. Antimicrobial treatments are given to materials such as carpets, drapes etc. Air scrubbers are used to clean the air.
  5. Restoring property:
    This involves replacing drywall and insulation and repairing or replacing floor materials, carpets etc. Often in serious cases entire walls may need to be replaced to prevent any secondary effects of water damage.

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