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Water Damage Restoration in Ridgewood

There isn't much time to think when it comes to hiring a water damage restoration company in Ridgewood. You don't want the damage to progress any further and take a hasty decision. You are going to spend a lot of money on water damage restoration, which makes it important for you to know everything about it.

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Let's take a look at a few of the common questions everyone has about water damage restoration in Ridgewood:

1. Are there any categories for water damages?

You can divide water damage into four categories. Class I accounts for the least damage as the room only absorbs little moisture. Class II damage affects the whole room and the walls and carpet absorb moisture as well. In Class III damage, most of the surface area of the room absorbs moisture. Class IV is the worst kind and takes the longest time to dry.

2. Can mold grow as a result of water damage?

Bacteria love moisture and multiply rapidly in the presence of water. They start multiplying around 24 to 48 hours after water damage, but you won't be able to see it until 21 days. Flood Damage Pro offers mold testing service and mold inspection in Ridgewood along with water damage restoration in Ridgewood at additional costs. We recommend you to run a professional inspection offered by us to get an idea about the mold damage.

3. Can mold return after remediation?

Yes, mold can return after remediation but only if the affected areas weren't dried properly. Drying and dehumidification is an important part of the water damage restoration process. At Flood Damage Pro, we use special equipment like HVAC air filters, dehumidifiers, and industrial air scrubbers to remove water and mold.

4. What situations can lead to water damage?

Awareness to small changes is the first step towards avoiding extensive damage. Water damage can be caused because of a pipe burst, roof leakage, toilet, sink, or bathtub overflow, and sprinkler system failure. It can also occur because of storm or flood water, sewer backflow, snow or ice damage, and foundation leakage. When our experts come for inspection, they will look at all the parts of your property and detect the cause.

5. How long the water damage restoration process takes?

The period of time completely depends on the extent of the damage. More the damage, the longer our technicians will take to clean it out, dry the water, and reconstruct the damaged parts. It will at least take a minimum of two to four days, and our experts work round the clock to speed up the process. If you add the mold testing service and remediation to the list, it will take a little longer.

6. Why choose us?

Flood Damage Pro guarantees you that we will restore your house to its pre-damaged condition. We use the best quality materials and highly advanced machines during the restoration process.

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