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Water damages are unexpected; you can't be prepared for it since you don't know how and when it will strike. It could be a burst pipe, storm damage, flooded basement, sewage overflow, etc. It can happen in the middle of the night or while you're out of your home.

The best way to deal with this kind of situation is to act fast, and contact your local water damage restoration company in Fallsmead, Rockville, MD. A quick response from a professional water damage restoration team can save your home or business from further damage and by that save you money.

Flood Damage Pro of Rockville

If you live in Fallsmead, Rockville, MD, you can trust the experts of Flood Damage Pro of Rockville to get the job done. We have an emergency team that is available 24/7 for a rapid response. Our technicians are certified, insured and can handle any water damage situation your house or office may have. We provide complete water damage restoration service in Fallsmead, Rockville, MD and surrounding areas.

Water Damage Restoration Services We Offer:

Water Damage Restoration - How it Works

Once our team arrives at your location they will inspect the damaged area and will search for any safety issues that might be lurking. After that, we will discuss the restoration plan for your property and will explain to you what needs to be done and how much it will cost.

After you accept our plan, we will proceed to carry out the job. If the property is insured, we will work with your insurance company, and provide them photos of the damaged area and relevant documents.

Now it's time to get messy; Flood Damage Pro of Rockville teams have the experience, knowledge and the latest equipment to fix the source of the damage, remove the water, dry the carpets, rebuild drywalls and ceilings. After our team finishes the restoration process, they will make sure that you are satisfied, and let you get back to your life.

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How long does it take to repair water damage?

There is no simple straight forward answer to this question. Every place affected by water damage is different, especially in terms of residential water damage repair.

Water can really ruin your property and it's never just a simple case of pump out the water and you're done. The only way to understand how long the restoration service will take is after a full inspection has been performed. A team of trained emergency flood cleanup service professionals will take time to assess the area to give an accurate assessment. If mold has taken hold then that can make the process take even longer. All the mold must be cleansed and all the areas affected by it must be fully disinfected.


How do you disinfect water damage?

Before any disinfecting of water can begin the extraction process must be completed. The water that damages your property can harbour some seriously nasty forms of bacteria. While the body of water sits and stagnates the bacteria seeps into everything it touches. When your place is dried out and dehumidified then it the sanitizing process can start. Wood beams insulation and even drywall needs to be treated. Our teams are trained in the best ways to treat everything. They use powerful chemicals to cleanse affected areas, these chemicals will kill even the most potent strains of bacteria. When they are done your property will be sanitized and safe.


What is the average cost of water damage restoration?

Similar to how long a water damage restoration can take, cost also depends on the extent of the damage. Again similar to the question on time an expert water restoration inspection team will perform an inspection. The size of the affected area is taken into account, the source of the water and the volume that needs to be drained. The clean up after the drainage is another factor. The removal of mold colonies as a result of the flood is factored into the cost. Generally speaking, the average cost of home water damage clean up can be from $3 to $ 4 per square foot of relatively clean water.


What does a water restoration company do?

A Water restoration company performs, home flood restoration, water leak remediation, flood damage clean up and more. We assess your property to understand the source of the water and the extent of the damage. We stop the water flow and drain all of it out. We clean up everything that was affected by the flood water. That includes taking away any material that has been destroyed by the water. We are particularly good at completely removing mold and sanitising everything the water has touched. When everything has been cleaned up we dry all the areas out completely with special heaters. The drying process is done with careful attention to the ambient humidity levels of your home or workplace. We can also rebuild your floors, ceilings and walls making it habitable again.

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How do you clean up water damage?

Firstly an inspection is performed to understand the source of the water and moisture level readings are performed. After that we get down to fixing the source of the water. We use powerful pumps to extract all the unwanted water. With all of it gone home water damage clean up can finally begin. Any water damaged furniture, carpet or drywall is removed and disposed of. Mold colonies are removed using special chemicals. All the affected areas are disinfected and sanitized. The cleanup doesn't end there however, the whole place must be dried out and an acceptable level of humidity for your property obtained.

How do you dry out water damaged walls?

If a burst or leaking pipe has caused the damage to your walls that is the first thing we will look at. Once the source of the water flow is cut off then the drying processes can begin. To speed up the process the area needs to be properly ventilated so all windows and doors must be opened. Wallpaper has to be removed as a lot of moisture can become trapped between the wallpaper and the wall itself. If mold has taken root then it needs to be cleaned off and we do that with special sanitizing chemicals. Special fans and heaters are directed at the affected walls and are used to dry them out.

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